Couple Takes In 3 Kids When Their Neighbor’s Health Declines, Don’t Expect Reporters To Come By

Parenting is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, energy and dedication and then on top of that, you have to do all of the other regular life stuff.
So you can imagine that if something goes wrong in your life, or if something that you weren’t necessarily planning for occurs, your children can suffer. Suddenly, parenting can become that much harder. No one ever said it was easy, and that is why parents are such heroes!

A woman named Audrey was a single mother, which is definitely not an easy job, with three children.
Audrey had to visit the hospital in order to get some tests done, so she asked her neighbor Tisha to look after her children while she went on her own. Tisha is a mother of five children in her own right, and a Las Vegas bingo cashier.
Tisha and her husband graciously let Audrey’s children spend the night at her place. It wasn’t the easiest or most seamless solution since Tisha’s home was already pretty cramped with six other people, not including herself, but there was no question about it. They took Audrey’s children in.

A dark turn of events.
Soon after, Audrey got her test results back… And they weren’t what you would want to see, especially as a single mother of three children. It turns out she was diagnosed with stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.
At this point, Audrey knew that her time was running out.

The single mother knew her time was running out, so she took a leap of faith and asked Tisha to be the legal guardian of her children. The two weren’t even close friends but Audrey had no one else and she had to act fast.


As a mother with no safety net and with a clock ticking, she had to make sure that her children were taken care of, god forbid something bad happens. She needed to ensure that they had some kind of safety net, should they no longer have their mother by their side.
Tisha and her husband, Kevin, agreed to be the children’s legal guardian, despite not being that close with Audrey.
That agreement in itself is a beautiful thing. The fact that two acquaintances were willing to take on such a hefty responsibility for their neighbor is incredible.
Tisha and Kevin welcomed the three children into their home with no questions asked.
Soon after that agreement, Audrey passed away.
But after that, Tisha and Kevin were in for a major surprise. They had a huge family of 10 under their cramped roof now, and their neighbors were very much aware of that. Elizabeth Thames, a neighbor of the two families, knew of their living situation, so she nominated the family to be helped by the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

In an interview, Tisha revealed that she didn’t have a great childhood herself.
“I don’t want them to ever have to deal with anything I had to deal with as a child, because children deserve to be children. They’ve been through too much. They deserve a loving family and a place to call home,” she confessed.
So Fox5 set up Tisha in a casino while they completely remodeled their home. They completed 6 weeks worth of work in just about four days.

The home was completely transformed and came out looking so beautiful. This is truly good karma at its finest – this new home is SO deserved.


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