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Grandma Steps In Front Of Crowd, Turns Up The Heat At Fashion Show With Slick Moves


Grandmothers have a special way of finding the best ways to make us giggle and spunk up the party. Whether it is our own grandmother or just a random senior woman we cross paths with they always find the time to share some of their wisdom, contagious laughter, and maybe even a piece of candy. They inspire us and remind us what living life carefree is all about. For one old lady at what appears to be a fashion show, when she hears a song that makes her start to move she cannot help but to take over the catwalk and strut her stuff.

Unexpected catwalk takeover by a sweet old lady with dancing feet!

Sometimes a song comes on and you get that feeling in your feet where you just have to dance it out. That is the case when one sweet little old lady heard the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke come on at a fashion show. So couldn’t help but to get up out of her walker spin it around and decide to show everyone in attendance that she can still get down!

Catch a picture of her if you can.

Everyone’s smiles get bigger and bigger as the elderly woman continues to dance. The photographer has to remain on his toes in order to get the perfect shot because contrary to popular belief this old lady knows how to move with pace and to the beat!


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