He Grabbed His Chest Faking Heart Problem Then Shot Suspect

Robbing a gun store seems like poor judgment, but a group of men decided to do just that early this month, setting their sights on Mike’s Gun Room in Richardson.

During the raid of the store, in which two men were armed, things didn’t quite go to plan. Though most of the group was able to escape, one man didn’t – and the story behind his capture is like nothing you’ve heard before.

77-year-old Mike Brown, a Marine and Vietnam veteran, runs Mike’s Gun Room alone. He said that the men looked like any other group of shoppers to begin with, but soon made it clear that their real mission was robbery.


The customers didn’t appear to know much about guns at all. It was only a few moments later that the men robbed Mike at gunpoint.

Because of the COVID rules regarding wearing masks in public places, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to Mike that the group of men had on their own masks.

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