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Tom Hardy ‘Cast as Next James Bond After No Time to Die’


Who doesn’t love Tom Hardy? The actor has well and truly stolen the hearts of the nation, and now it seems he’s coming to our screens once again.

This time the news is that Hardy is speculated to become the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.Keep scrolling to find out whats actually going down.

The British actor has certainly made a name for himself through his charismatic roles, but these aren’t the only reasons why people love him so much.Hardy set his sights on a career on-screen, pursuing acting at the Richmond Drama School followed by the prestigious Drama Centre London.

In a December 2002 interview with IGN, the actor stated, “When other schools would be doing, sort of, 30 hours, we were doing 60. And we’d be doing stuff that would prepare you in a very different way.”And he stepped into the spotlight for his role in Band Of Brothers back in 2001.Hardy is best known for his roles in movies and series such as Inception (2010),

The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Legend (2015), and Peaky Blinders (2014-2019).
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